Top-of-the-heap carreer lady, reluctant to show her soft side.

Happily retired grandmother, who travels the world and loves cooking for her dog!

Busy sophomores, with a tight party schedule and annual Yoga class subscription.

College-hating, happily in love, paraglider!

Jet-skiing, poetry-writing, aroma therapy connoiseur with arachnophobia.

Ancient Philosophy post-graduate, home- decor enthusiast, swimming afficionado with taste in East Thai cuisine!

CEO mother-of-five, who binges on Yoga classes and has 374 flights per year!

Working mother with a busy life and a healthy lifestyle.

Emo with sparkling personality!

Karma-fearing divorce lawyer!

20-something cheerleader, first-time in a real relationship.

Single, happy retiree who’ve just found true love - make up!

Doesn’t matter who you are!

We’ve got you!

The Origin

We all get overwhelmed for reasons too many to count. We offer a simple yet effective digital tool to log your feelings and their causes on a daily basis - allowing you to identify, communicate and address the problem causing you stress at its roots.

The Journey

Based on the issue problem you identify - the Origin - we help put you on your Journey. Through affordable (actually - free!), easy and tailored access to tools, resources and expert programmes, we offer an alternative to the relentless, random Internet browsing that - if anything - will cause you even more stress.

But who wants to go on a journey alone?!

For every Origin, we offer a digital communal space, where you connect and share with peers and never be alone in your struggles, no matter how lonely it gets from time to time.

The Destination

And before you know it, getting it together and sending the stress away turns from an intimidating, impossible task to a light-hearted, fun Journey to the Destination we all have - a life unburdened by unnecessary stress, toxic habits and burn-out.

Where do I start?

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I understand that this all sounds quite ambitious!
But I know it’s possible, and I know you can do it. Here’s the first easy step: Download the super user-friendly App for ree with just one click! I promise - no credit cards!

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